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One of the biggest struggles for neurodivergent kids and teens is their ability to make and maintain friendships. But are traditional models that teach our kids to be more like other kids really the best way to help them make friends? Steph West, a reformed social skills teacher, is here to help you discover what your kid REALLY needs to know when it comes to making friends. Steph is the ADHD brain behind Starfish Social Club, which has helped hundreds of students become more socially competent, confident, and connected, and she's here to show you how to do the same for your kiddo!

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Social Skills is Canceled

This episode is all about how and why I went from being a go-to social skills expert to not teaching social skills at all! Now I focus on teaching our kids the things that REALLY matter when it comes to making friends, and I’m on a mission to help others do the same!


The REAL reason your child struggles to make friends

This episode is all about what’s really getting in the way of your child or teen making and keeping friends. I’m going to introduce you to the STARFISH scale so we can get a sense of your child’s level of awareness.


When praise hurts more than helps

This episode is all about how we praise and reinforce our neurodivergent kids. It lays the foundation for the challenges that may arise with the way we praise our kids, and episode seven will be about what to focus on instead.


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