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Help your child go from socially clueless and challenged to self-aware and confident in social situations.

Does your child...

  • Have a reputation for being 'shy?'
  • Struggle with emotional regulation?
  • Not know how to initiate or join conversations with peers?
  • Integrate into group settings, but it doesn't last long?
  • Spend recess or lunchtime alone or with adults?
  • Have a reputation for being annoying, or 'too much?'
  • Struggle to maintain friendships?
  • Get along with peers but doesn't have authentic friends?

Does your kid come home and say things like "I don't have any friends" or "The kids at school say I'm annoying?"

You want your child to feel less anxious about social situations. You want to understand how to help your child succeed socially. And you want your child to know how to talk to other kids.

We want that for your child too!

That's why we took the most essential and foundational eight weeks of our year-long program and made it into an online course that you and your child can work through together!

Our goal is for your child to become socially competent, confident, and connected. We want your child to become more self-aware, learn to make intentional decisions, and how to give and receive feedback. 

Your child will decide what their reputation will be, learn what to do (and not do) to create that reputation, and practice giving and receiving social feedback. 

By working through this module together, parents can learn alongside their kids and become aware of the language they can use to support their kids.

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I'm Steph! I'm a social skills coach for neurodivergent kids and teens. 

I bring more than fifteen years of experience as a special education classroom teacher, school administrator, and behavior coach. I hold master's degrees in special education and education administration while also being certified as a specialist in autism, behavior support, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Combined with my personal experience as a woman with ADHD, my skills help my students create strong connections, educators relate better to their students, and parents ease their anxieties around raising a child with social challenges!

What's Included?

  8 weeks of pre-recorded video lessons that give your child the tools to become more confident & self-aware

✔  8 engaging activity sheets to help guide your discussion and your child's learning

✔  Jeopardy-type games that reinforce the content every other lesson


Each week, you'll cover a new topic: 

What is a reputation, and why does it matter?

Group vs. Alone Behavior

Creating a reputation for being smart (pt. 1)

Creating a reputation for being smart (pt. 2)

Creating a reputation for being funny

Creating a reputation for being kind

Giving feedback to others

Receiving feedback from others

Starfish has helped him so much!!

He is more aware of appropriate talk around certain age groups and understanding that he needs to do what others like, not just what he wants to do. I am so blessed to have found you for both the leaps and bounds that [my son] is maturing and understanding, and also for myself - I’ve learned what to say, do, and what to not battle him on.

- Megan, parent of a middle school student

Why THIS Module?

Watch the video below to find out why the Identity Module is at the core of the Starfish curriculum.

SC3 Foundations


  • 8 weeks of video lessons to help your child become more confident self-aware, and less socially anxious

  • 8 engaging activity sheets to guide your discussion and your child's learning

  • Jeopardy-type games that reinforce the content every other lesson

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