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What Our Students Learn:

August - October


8 weeks to a reputation reset


1. What is a reputation and why does it matter?

2. Group vs. alone behavior

3. Creating a reputation for being smart (pt. 1)

4. Creating a reputation for being smart (pt. 2)

5. Creating a reputation for being funny

6. Creating a reputation for being kind

7. Giving feedback to others

8. Receiving feedback from others

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October - December


8 weeks to becoming more socially aware


1. How to make a different choice when things don't go as expected

2. Inferencing (What do things actually mean?)

3. Interpreting nonverbal signals during conversations

4. Analyzing humor feedback

5. Noticing others' interests, hobbies, and preferred topics of conversation

6. Recognizing what we have in common with others based on what we remember about them

7. Using our social memory to have meaningful, personal conversations

8. Generating gift ideas using our social memory

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January - March


8 weeks to build conversation skills


1. Joining an active conversation

2. Maintaining a reciprocal conversation

3. Changing the topic in a non-awkward way

4. How to use the social filter and the social fake

5. Leaving a conversation (because we want to or because we have to)

6. Initiating a conversation (with people we don't know and people we do)

7. Electronic Communication 101 (texting, emailing, social media)

8. Asking for help

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March - May


8 weeks to stronger relationships


1. Why 'stranger danger' can be more harmful than helpful

2. Who is an acquaintance and what is expected in that relationship

3. What it looks like to be on a team with others

4. What is expected when we are in a group of people we choose

5. Who are friends, and what does a friendship consist of

6. The expectations in partnerships (best friends, roommates, romantic partners)

7. Building stronger relationships with our family members

8. How do we move from strangers to acquaintances to friends?

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What our parents are saying...

Have you ever felt like you can see your child struggling, but you don't know how to help?

This is how I felt when I worked in the school system. I got called when kids were hurting others, eloping, disrupting the classroom, damaging property, etc. 

I was really good at diffusing very difficult situations. 

And I also started noticing all the kids who WEREN'T engaging in these extreme behaviors.

The kids who were floating from day to day, getting along with everyone but not making friends. Or struggling day to day socially rejected by their peers. Or too anxious to even talk to other kids.

I started Starfish Social Club in 2016 for these children.

The kids who were struggling to make friends.

The teens who had a reputation for being annoying.

The ones who went unnoticed because they weren't being disruptive or failing their classes.

The students who could easily go an entire day and not have a single social interaction, or who could go an entire day without a POSITIVE social interaction.

The children who couldn't seem to figure out the whole 'social' thing.

During lockdown, I very reluctantly transitioned from our in-person groups to teaching via Zoom.

You know what? It was awesome!

The kids were really engaged. They enjoyed seeing each other just as much as when they were in person. And I figured out how to teach with zero resources.

No books, no worksheets, no pencils.

And that's when my curriculum, SC3 Academy, was born.
SC3 stands for:
-Socially Competent
-Socially Confident
-Socially Connected


Now Starfish Social Club offers Zoom classes to kids all over the US (and beyond if time zones allow), and a licensing and coaching program to help people start their own social club!


I'm grateful to have found my place in the world, and I'm excited to help your kiddo do the same!

SSC Academy is not a 'hang out' or a babysitting service. It is not a place to learn 'manners'. It's a place to learn, grow, and have fun alongside other students who are doing the same thing!

You can keep trying other therapies that don't provide natural social rewards.

You can keep advocating for 1/1 services that don't teach social awareness.

You can keep waiting for your child to 'outgrow' their social learning challenges.

Or you can join us on the journey to your child's brightest future!

Guarantee #1:

Try the first class

Try the first lesson and first game time. If you or your child don't feel like this is the best thing for them, simply email us at [email protected] by Saturday midnight at the end of the first week (or the end of the first day if they are in the summer program) and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment!

We definitely recommend trying more than one week, but this guarantee is here for you if you choose to use it.

Guarantee #2:

20% for Module 1

If you choose not to continue after completing Module 1, simply email us at [email protected] by Saturday midnight at the end of the 8th week (or the end of the 8th day if they are in the summer program) and we'll gladly refund you any amount you paid over 20%!

You will retain access to all the content in the first Module.

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