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March - May


1. The Problem with 'Stranger Danger'

2. The Acquaintance Ship

3. The Team Ship

4. The Club Ship

5. The Friend Ship

6. The Partner Ship

7. The Kin Ship

8. Jumping Ship


August - October


1. What is a reputation and why does it matter?

2. Group vs. Alone Behavior

3. Creating a reputation for being smart (pt. 1)

4. Creating a reputation for being smart (pt. 2)

5. Creating a reputation for being funny

6. Creating a reputation for being kind

7. Giving feedback to others

8. Receiving feedback from others

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October - December


1. What is a detour and why is it important?

2. Inferencing (What do things actually mean?)

3. Interpreting nonverbal signals during conversations

4. Analyzing humor feedback

5. Noticing others' interests

6. Remembering others' interests

7. Using our social memory to have meaningful conversations

8. Generating gift ideas using our social memory


January - March


1. Joining a conversation

2. Maintaining a conversation

3. Changing the topic (and select context-appropriate topics)

4. Social filter and the social fake

5. Leaving a conversation

6. Initiating a conversation

7. Electronic Communication (texting, emailing, social media)

8. Asking for help

SSC Academy is not a 'hang out' or a babysitting service. It is not a place to learn 'manners'. It's a place to learn, grow, and have fun alongside other students who are doing the same thing!

You can keep trying other therapies that don't provide natural social rewards.

You can keep advocating for 1/1 services that don't teach social awareness.

You can keep waiting for your child to 'outgrow' their social learning challenges.

Or you can join us on the journey to your child's brightest future!

One Module (8 weeks)



  • 1/1 meeting with you and your student before they start.
  • Live lessons (in person or via Zoom) each week (schedule based on availability).
  • Game time in person or via Zoom each week.
  • Access to 2 live parent Q&A sessions via Zoom with Steph throughout the module.
  • Lifetime access to the content for the module you choose.
  • Activity sheets that go along with each lesson to reinforce concepts.
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The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know this is what your child needs, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt. Hesitation. Risk. I get it. Like…

"What if my child doesn't like it?

Or won't participate?”

Well that’s simple. Try it!

Guarantee #1:

Try the first class

Try the first lesson and first game time. If you or your child don't feel like this is the best thing for them, simply email us at [email protected] by Saturday midnight at the end of the first week (or the end of the first day if they are in the summer program) and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment!

We definitely recommend trying more than one week, but this guarantee is here for you if you choose to use it.

Guarantee #2:

20% for Module 1

If you choose not to continue after completing Module 1, simply email us at [email protected] by Saturday midnight at the end of the 8th week (or the end of the 8th day if they are in the summer program) and we'll gladly refund you any amount you paid over 20%!

You will retain access to all the content in the first Module.


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