Let's discover and implement strategies that REALLY work for your child based on their unique social profile!

Do you feel...

  • Unsupported

  • Disconnected

  • Discouraged

  • Like you don’t know what you’re doing or why you were gifted with this child

  • Frustrated trying strategies that only work sometimes, or not at all?

Are you...

  • Trying all the strategies
  • buying all the resources
  • taking all the classes
  • scheduling appointments with all the experts
  • signing up for all the groups and activities
  • still not sure your child is getting the help they need?

It's time to get out of the Social Skills Spiral!

Identify your child's unique social profile so you can support their authenticity.


Build awareness around which strategies will work for them and why so you can empower them responsibly.

Engage with your child using the specific language we use in our program (or tailor it to your personality) so you can lead with love and patience.


Connect with others in your child's world in a more peaceful way create a successful, inclusive future.

Your child needs help making connections. They need permission to be their authentic selves. They need loving, courageous advocates!

I'm here to support you in finding the solution to a more caring, supportive, empowered connection with your child. Together, let's help your kiddo become more socially competent, confident, and connected!

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I'm Steph! I'm a social skills coach for neurodivergent kids and teens. 

I bring more than fifteen years of experience as a special education classroom teacher, school administrator, and behavior coach. I hold master's degrees in special education and education administration while also being certified as a specialist in autism, behavior support, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Combined with my personal experience as a woman with ADHD, my skills help my students create strong connections, educators relate better to their students, and parents ease their anxieties around raising a child with social challenges!

What's Included?

  8 weeks of video lessons that you can watch at your own pace

✔  8 activity sheets to help guide your understanding and implementation

✔  Live Q&A sessions with Steph EACH WEEK where you can ask her all your questions and get immediate feedback (offered in the Fall of 2022 only)

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Each week, we'll cover a new topic: 

Identity: Discovering your child's unique social profile

Identity: Understanding how their social profile affect their ability to make friends

Awareness: The approach that works best for your child

Awareness: The specific strategies and interventions designed for your child's unique profile

Engagement: Learning specific phrases and questions to use with your child

Engagement: Learning proactive strategies for your child

Connection: The best ideas for cultivating authentic friendships

Connection: Helping others on your child's team understand how to best support them

Starfish has helped him so much!!

He is more aware of appropriate talk around certain age groups and understanding that he needs to do what others like, not just what he wants to do. I am so blessed to have found you for both the leaps and bounds that [my son] is maturing and understanding, and also for myself - I’ve learned what to say, do, and what to not battle him on.

- Megan, parent of a middle school student

Why THIS Module?

Watch the video below to find out why the Identity Module is at the core of the Starfish curriculum.

SC3 Foundations


  • 8 weeks of video lessons to help your child become more confident self-aware, and less socially anxious

  • 8 engaging activity sheets to guide your discussion and your child's learning

  • Live Monthly Q&A with Steph to ask your questions and get immediate feedback


Frequently Asked Questions