Our Team

Steph - Director/Teacher



Hey, I'm Steph! I'm a social skills coach for neurodivergent kids and teens. 

I bring more than fifteen years of experience as a special education classroom teacher, school administrator and behavior coach. I hold master’s degrees in special education and education administration while also being certified as a specialist in autism, behavior support, traumatic brain injury and more. Combined with my personal experience as a woman with ADHD, my skills help my students create strong connections, educators relate better to their students and parents ease their anxieties around raising a child with social challenges!


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Ramiro - Teacher/Family Support Specialist


Teaching Assistants/Students - Nate, Bruno, and Jaeger

Our Students

We are open to students 7-21 years old. Most of our students have a diagnosis of autism and/or ADHD. We do not have any criteria regarding diagnosis; we accept all students who are verbal, can learn in a group setting, and struggle with friendships.

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