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Starfish Social Club Summer Camp

San Antonio, TX

Summer Camp Program

  • Meets Monday through Thursday from 1PM-4PM (weeks TBD)
  • Students can attend every day or choose their schedule
  • Open to students age 7 and older, no disability criteria 
  • Focuses on teaching students how to be part of a group and spend time successfully with others 
  • Includes outdoor time every day 
  • Includes structured executive functioning games/activities every day
  • Includes group game time every day
  • Students are all together regardless of age, we encourage them to spend time with anyone they get along with!
  • Cost is $75 per day with a discount for siblings.

We are in the process of choosing dates for summer camp 2024. If you are interested in your child(ren) attending, please fill out the form by clicking below so we can get an idea of what weeks to plan for! 

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