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Who is your child, really?

adhd identity autistic identity Apr 08, 2024

One of the most important needs we all have as humans (once our basic needs are met) is the need to be seen for who we are. 


If you think about the people in your life that are the most important to you, chances are it's because they make you feel seen for who you are. They love you, they care about you, they respect you. Even when you've had a rough day. Even when you mess up. Even when things aren't going well. Even when you aren't sure who you are.


In this week's podcast/YouTube episode, I'm exploring the question of who our kids really are. 


I've recently made some changes in my life and it's shown me that sometimes who we think we are is based on everything EXCEPT us. It's based on who others want us to be, who we wanted to be when we were younger, even who we want to stop being, but can't.


I'm also sharing strategies for how to help your kids uncover who they really are, and how to love the child that is in front of you.



Here's a clip from the episode:


We aren't learning who we are, as we get older. We're unlearning who we thought we were. And that quote really resonates with me because I think we're all our truest selves when we're about four and five years old. I think we can look at four- and five-year-olds and we can have a good idea of what that child enjoys, what they like, who they are, what's important to them, what's meaningful to them, what their personality is like. And then, kind of society at large just jumps in and we start kind of molding kids into what we think they should be, in order to have a job. In order to get accepted to college. In order to have friends. In order to fit in. Whatever the case may be. In order to not be so difficult. And I think a lot of the personalities, especially of our kids, tend to get smushed in the process. 


Listen to the podcast episode. 

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