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The importance of adult relationships in our kids' lives with Darlene Meissner

Sep 18, 2023

My main focus at Starfish Social Club is our kids' relationships with other kids. This is, after all, a social club to teach and support neurodivergent kids in getting along with other kids. 

But it's important to recognize that the main source of what our kids think and how they feel about relationships is US. The adults. 


In this week's podcast/YouTube episode, Darlene Meissner and I are talking about this topic in depth. We are uncovering how our relationship with our kids affects all their future relationships, and why it's important for them to have relationships with adults who aren't us.

Here's a clip from this episode: 

As a parent, the relationship you have with your child and the relationship you have with other people sets the stage for what your child thinks is a normal relationship. So you know, when I had a relationship with one parent where I always felt like I was wrong, I always felt like I was doing something wrong, I felt like everything was my fault, I ended up in a 10 year romantic relationship where I always felt like everything was my fault. And I always felt like I was wrong. But whereas someone else may say, 'Oh, I'm absolutely not staying in this relationship',  to me, that's what a relationship was. So that was my experience and that's when it really became clear to me how much our dynamics growing up affect what we think we should be looking for as we get older.


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