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Starfish Summer Camp week 3 recap (day one!)

adhd complaining adhd summer camp autism complaining autism summer camp Jul 08, 2024

Have you ever wondered what just one day at Starfish Social Club looks like, working with autistic and ADHD kids on social skills? You know, the whole 'behind the curtains' thing?


This week's podcast/YouTube episode was supposed to be about week 3 of summer camp, but I talked for OVER 45 MINUTES just about Monday!


Y'all, that's a lot of talking about a 3-hour day! So I decided that was enough for one episode. :) 


In this week's podcast/YouTube episode, I'm sharing everything that went on during ONE DAY of summer camp.


The big thing that occurred was complaining. SO MUCH COMPLAINING! 


In this episode I share who was complaining (almost everyone), what they were complaining about (almost everything), how I handled it, and how the rest of our day went from there. If your kiddo (or maybe an adult you live with?) is prone to complaining, this is a great episode to listen to!


Here's a clip from the episode:


Complaining is really common for, not just kids, but people who are neurodivergent. And it is because part of, especially autism, also ADHD, is a reduced ability to understand other people's thoughts and feelings. And so people who have neurotypical brains tend to understand much more efficiently, that complaining makes other people not want to be around them. But people who don't always see that connection between their choices and other people's thoughts and feelings really miss that point. And so they're more prone to complain about things because they miss that connection.


And also, people who are neurodivergent are much more likely to not have as much of a social filter, which we usually associate as being a negative aspect. We usually think about somebody not having a filter as meaning they say things that hurt people's feelings, they say things that other people couldn't imagine saying. But it also just means they say things without understanding how it affects other people. So complaining is all of these things together.


Listen to the podcast episode. 

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