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Stop asking your neurodivergent kid how their day was (and what to ask instead)

adhd autism connection neurodivergence Sep 11, 2023

One of the most important pieces of advice I share with parents of neurodivergent kids to build connections with their kids and try their best to understand them. I realized I haven't talked much about HOW to do that.

Today's episode is all about this topic!

First, please stop asking your kid how their day was. In this episode, I explain why, AND I give you a great alternative that will not only give you more information than what you are probably getting now, but it will also help you form a deeper connection with your child.

I also talk about how to support our kids when they are struggling emotionally, ways to connect with kids who are resistant/reluctant/defiant, and why the things we choose to focus on could have a big impact on our kids' social futures.

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