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1/1 Support with Steph

1/1 Support

  • Ideal for students who are older than 21 or who live outside of the US
  • Can be used for students age 7 and older with no maximum age limit
  • Can be used in 30 minute or 1-hour sessions
  • Can be used to go through the SC3 Academy curriculum or can be used to address specific concerns/needs
  • Can be used as a 1/1 with the student, a family session, or as a consultation with a school, employer, or service provider
  • Sessions are recorded and shared with the student/family
  • Flexible times available Monday through Thursday

This is a clip from a 1/1 session with a student I worked with for about 6 months, both in the group and 1/1. This clip is from our emotional final session together.

1/1 session

This is a clip from a 1/1 session with a student I have been working with for several months. In the beginning he often refused to participate so it was heartwarming to hear what he said around 1:40 in this clip!


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