Starfish Social Club Strengthening social and academic competencies, one unique learner at a time

Hi, I'm Stephanie Pepi, founder and director of Starfish Social Club. I have worked with students with social learning challenges as a special education teacher, behavior specialist, special education administrator, and campus administrator. I have also served as a Head of Delegation, basketball, and track coach for a Special Olympics team. I hold masters’ degrees in Special Education and Education Administration, and specialist certifications in autism, behavior, inclusion, and traumatic brain injury.

My joy comes from identifying areas of social/behavioral deficits, creating social profiles for students that describe how their social deficits interfere with their abilities to attend, learn, and socialize effectively, and assisting teachers, campuses, and families with implementing appropriate, effective interventions to address these challenges. I had the privilege of presenting at the 2016 National Social Thinking Provider's Conference regarding using Social Assessments to predict and increase inclusion success for kids with social challenges.

I continue to work in the school system and I see kids with social challenges struggle every day. Whether it's an inability to pay attention in a classroom setting, saying things they think are funny (but no one else does), or playing alone at recess, the effects of their challenges can be devastating. I created SSC to help students succeed socially and academically, one unique learner at a time!

Summer Camp Crew

Arthur Martinez, Jr. - I began my career at the San Antonio State School where I spent 4.5 years before going to the medical side and becoming a medical assistant. I have since returned to my first love and work as an assistant at a school for middle and high school students with social/behavioral challenges. I have a passion to help children of all abilities. I was honored to be asked to work with Starfish Social Club students and I couldn't pass up the opportunity! I am very excited to work with the middle/high school students this summer!

Jessica Sanchez - I am a current graduate student at UTSA. I have experience with children with disabilities, including autism, and I loved helping them grow. I currently work as a paraprofessional with middle and high school students with social/behavioral challenges. I will be working with the middle and high school students at Starfish Summer Camp!

Caitlin Guarnero - I am currently studying elementary education and special education at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. I will be a senior in the fall and hope to continue on to receive a Master’s in pediatric occupational therapy. I volunteered for four years at Children’s Association for Maximum Potential ~ CAMP during both their summer camp and year-round respite programs. I also have 3 years of experience working with children 6 months through 12 years old as a nanny and daycare employee. Most recently, I have served as the first and second grade after school teacher. I so excited to work with all of the awesome elementary kiddos at the Starfish Social Club!

Jazmine Ceron - I have my Bachelor's of Science in Communication Disorders and I'm a certified Speech Language Pathology Assistant. I have a passion for working with students with cognitive and behavioral disabilities. I am a certified special education teacher. I have been working at Oak Grove Elementary for 3 years as a special education assistant. I also have experience in Applied Behavior Therapy. I will be working with the elementary students at Starfish Summer Camp! Here is the link to my professional website if you would like to know more about me: