Starfish Social Club Strengthening social and academic competencies, one unique learner at a time

Hi, I'm Stephanie Pepi, and I created Starfish Social Club in May, 2016. I have worked in the education system since 2004 as a special education teacher, behavior specialist, special education administrator, and campus administrator. I have also served as a Head of Delegation, basketball, and track coach for a Special Olympics team. I am certified to teach PreK-6th grade, special education, and ESL. I hold masters’ degrees in Special Education and Education Administration, specialist certifications in behavior, inclusion, and traumatic brain injury, and I am a Certified Autism Specialist.

My joy comes from identifying areas of social/behavioral deficits, creating social profiles for students that describe how their social deficits interfere with their abilities to attend, learn, and socialize effectively, and assisting teachers, campuses, and families with implementing appropriate, effective interventions to address these challenges. I had the privilege of presenting at the 2016 National Social Thinking Provider's Conference last June regarding using Social Assessments to predict and increase inclusion success for kids with social challenges.

I continue to work in the school system and I see kids with social challenges struggle every day. Whether it's an inability to pay attention in a classroom setting, saying things they think are funny (but no one else does), or playing alone at recess, the effects of their challenges can be devastating. I created SSC to help students succeed socially and academically, one unique learner at a time!