Starfish Social Club Strengthening social and academic competencies, one unique learner at a time

Elementary Students (Pre-K - 5th grade)

We offer social groups for our elementary students from 4:00-6:00 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. We offer academic support (reading and math) from 4:00-6:00 PM on Thursdays. Extra events and opportunities are offered on weekends. All groups and events are scheduled in 2-hour blocks. Parents choose their schedule on a monthly basis, meaning some students attend on random days as available, some students attend once a week on a schedule, and some students attend every day. The schedule is up to each family.

The groups consist of structured social lessons around a specific concept, structured play, and free play. Academic support is centered around the skill level of each student and is hands-on and interactive. The ratio for all groups is a maximum of 4:1.

Cost structure:

The cost for each 2-hour block is $40. Parents purchase $40 'credits' each month, which can be used for any group or activity. If more than 5 credits are purchased per month, the cost decreases to $35 per credit. If more than 10 credits are purchased, the cost decreases again to $30 per credit. There is an allowance for one credit to roll over each month if it is not used. Students who do not arrive until 4:30 accrue .25 credits for each group, meaning they can attend 5 groups by purchasing 4 credits.


The cost for attending 4 groups/activities per month is $160 ($40 x 4).

The cost for attending 8 groups/activities per month is $280 ($35 x 8).

The cost for attending 12 groups/activities per month is $360 ($30 x 12).

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*If 4:00-6:00 is not an option for your child, please contact us about the possibility of attending an evening group.