Starfish Social Club Strengthening social and academic competencies, one unique learner at a time

Starfish Social Hour

Starfish Social Hour is our direct social strategies instruction group for students ages 4 and up. Because the interventions are based on higher level thinking, students must have the ability to talk about thoughts, feelings, and actions. Students who attend group sessions are grouped with others who demonstrate similar skills and are similarly aged. Groups meet in the evenings or on Saturdays depending on the age group for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time. Students in the 8-11 age groups have the opportunity to participate in one game night per month. Students in middle school and older have the opportunity to participate in one social outing per month. 

Twice a year each student who has attended at least 6 sessions will receive a written report detailing the social progress they made during the cycle and the areas they are still working on. This report is intended for both parents and school personnel. Starfish Social Hour is $200 per month, which includes all classes and age-related activities/outings. Students can attend individual sessions in addition to or instead of group sessions. Individual sessions are an hour in length and are $150 per month. 

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