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Starfish Social Assessment

Starfish Social Assessments are extremely valuable resources for educational institutions, service providers, and families. The Starfish Social Assessment is based on Social Thinking(R), developed by Michelle Garcia Winner (, as are most of the strategies we teach. This is not an academic assessment; it is a summary of how the person's social deficits affect their ability to successfully navigate both social and academic or work environments. The assessment provides answers to common questions regarding the strengths and needs of people with social deficits, such as:

Why can my child read but struggles to comprehend the material?

Why is my child struggling to keep up in the general education setting when he/she is so smart?

Why can he/she write about something they are interested in, but refuses to write to a specific prompt?

Why does my child do weird things around his/her peers?

Why is my child the 'rule police', but doesn't always follow the rules?

Why can my child tell me what he/she should have done in a social situation, but can't seem to do it?

Why does my child mimic the undesired behaviors of peers?

Why does my child struggle to maintain a reciprocal conversation?

Why do I have trouble finding a job?

Why am I struggling to get my work done in college when high school was so easy?

Why am I having such a hard time maintaining a romantic relationship?

Most importantly, the assessment outlines what to do about the 'why'. It includes recommendations for the academic/employment setting as well as social strategies to improve the person's level of awareness, which ultimately improves their ability to function in the world. The assessment also includes recommendations for college/career options and independent living. 

Any person demonstrating social/behavioral deficits, including those who are cognitively impaired and/or nonverbal, is eligible to receive a Starfish Social Assessment. Appointments are 2 hours and include an hour for a parent/child interview and records review and an hour to discuss the profile, as well as to address questions/concerns. The assessment is yours to share with anyone you choose. The fee for the assessment, report, and consultation is $250. The cost can be split across 2-3 months for students who sign up to attend Starfish Summer Camp, Starfish Social Hour, or Starfish Academy.

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