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Stars at Night

Our evening groups are open to students who are at least 4 years old. There is no age limit; we have adult groups as well! Students must have average verbal skills and be able to participate in small group direct instruction with a 5:1 ratio. We welcome students with behavioral challenges as long as they have a desire to learn and practice new skills and can be successful with a 5:1 ratio. Our evening groups run all year round. New groups are starting the week of August 19th.

Level One Membership - $250 per month for a weekly social group (this is currently the only membership option available to adult students):

We offer social learning groups once a week Monday through Thursday. Days and hours vary based on the age of the student and group availability. All classes are held between 4:00PM and 7:00PM for students in elementary and 5:00PM and 8:00PM for students in middle and high school, as well as adult students. All groups are 2 hours and consist of an hour of direct instruction and related activities and an hour of game time with peers. The day and time of the group most appropriate for each student is not able to be determined until the initial appointment.

Level Two Membership - $350 per month for a weekly social group plus one additional class

Level Three Membership - $425 per month for a weekly social group plus two additional classes

Level Four Membership - $500 per month for a weekly social group plus three additional classes. Students who attend four classes a week can attend a fifth class each week at no additional cost.

Starting in September, we are offering the following additional classes:

*Academic - reading and math instruction focusing on problem-solving, comprehension, and analysis. Students with social learning challenges are often good 'word callers' but struggle with reading comprehension, especially inferencing, predicting, and summarizing. Similarly, students with social learning challenges are often good at math computation but struggle with word problems, math reasoning, and application.

*Movement - yoga activities and group recreational games. This class incorporates yoga games and techniques, including mindfulness and mediation activities to help students with regulation skills, as well as group interactive games to promote teamwork and problem-solving skills.

*Fun Fridays - A lot of our students struggle with not being invited to parties or not having people to invite to their party. That's where Fun Fridays come in! Students who attend on Fridays can host a party at Starfish Social Club (birthday or otherwise) one Friday evening a year at no cost. All students who attend on Fridays are invited to each party because they are already there! On the weeks where no party is scheduled, students get to hang out at Starfish! They can play games, chat, bring items from home, share things on their phones in a supervised environment, etc. It's a great opportunity for kids to be able to hang out with friends in a safe, supervised environment as well as the chance to attend numerous parties and be guaranteed to have kids they know at their party!


There is a $100 deposit required to register for an evening group. This is credited back over the first 4 months of full attendance.

New students must attend an initial appointment to register. Please use the calendar below to schedule an initial appointment for a new student. In order to protect the integrity of our classes and provide an emotionally safe environment for our students, we do not offer tours or allow visitors to observe our groups. The initial appointment consists of an interview with the parent(s) and student and an opportunity to discuss our programs.