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By: Stephanie | December 31, 2018

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As we sit on the verge of a new year, I'm wondering if everyone else feels as bombarded as I do by the need to change. Every product, service, and idea ever made that proposes to benefit your life is promoting the heck out of itself right now. In this time of resolutions, is it even socially appropriate to say you don't make New Year's resolutions??

I'm going to put myself out there and say I don't make New Year's resolutions. As a behavior specialist, I believe we decide to change our behavior when it becomes a problem for us. If it's not a problem for us, why would we change it? If you tantrum when you don't get your way and that leads to you getti...

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By: Stephanie | December 18, 2018

All of the strategies that appeared in the previous post are applicable here as well. Setting goals, visualizing the event, reading the room, practicing gratitude.... They all work for family events as well!

Family gatherings often involve an additional aspect that a lot of holiday activities and events don’t: Personal interactions with people who know you and your child intimately, and who may or may not agree with your child’s diagnosis and/or your approach to their social challenges.

Regardless of your relationship with your family and where they stand on how you parent your child, here are some tips for supporting your child with social learning challenges (and yourself!) during family gatherings.

  • Share your child’s goals with your famil...

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By: Stephanie | December 03, 2018

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We are entering the holiday season! For most people, that’s the best time of the year! We get to see friends and family we don’t often see. We get to enjoy foods we don’t normally eat. We get to go to parties and events and activities. There are lots of noises and lights and smells. We have time off school and work…

And your child with social learning challenges has probably been dreading this time of year for months.

For most people with social challenges, it’s the worst time of the year. They have to see friends and family they don’t often see, and they are expected to be ‘socially appropriate’, or at least ‘social’. They are expect...

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