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ASPIRE Academy


Our school program is designed for students with social learning challenges, but open to everyone! Students must be able to learn and function in a ratio of 5:1. We welcome students with behavioral challenges as long as they are able to be successful in our ratio and have a desire to learn and practice new skills. This program is open to students who are 4-18 years old. This program is not designed for a certain type of student; we have students who plan to go to college, students who plan to enter the workforce, and students who are or will be working on supported employment.


A - Academic

S - Social

P - Problem-Solving

I - Intellectual

R - Recreational

E - Executive Functioning

Our program consists of separate morning and afternoon sessions. Students can attend all day or just in the afternoons. Students must attend every day.

The mornings are academic-based. We teach to different academic levels, including students who are at or above grade level, students who are a few years behind, and students who use an alternate curriculum. We focus on hands-on and project-based learning with no tests or arbitrary measurements of success. Students will be able to apply what they learn to real-world situations as opposed to bubbling items on a test or circling letters on a worksheet. We use Math-U-See as our primary math curriculum as we find students tend to memorize math facts without being able to use math functionally. We use PCI Reading for our earlier learners and our own comprehension-based reading program for our more advanced readers.

The afternoons are for functional/recreational/social skills. We learn executive functioning skills, social skills, and yoga, as well as meal prep and cooking. Our middle/high school students go to HEB to shop for lunch and snack items, as well as anything else we may need for school. We will incorporate community volunteer opportunities and social outings at least once a month. Our social groups incorporate problem-solving and self-advocacy training by their nature; our afternoon classes will do the same.


Our program is year-round with a total of 202 instructional days (traditional school is around 187). Attendance times are:

  • 8:00-3:30 for elementary all day
  • 12:00-3:30 for elementary PM
  • 8:30-4:00 for middle/high school all day
  • 12:30 - 4:00 for middle/high school PM


Our school program is at our location: 1117 Patricia, San Antonio, 78213.


This is for the kids who are stuck in Algebra and US History and English 3 classes when those things won't benefit their lives. This is for the kids who have no friends in school and receive no social support. This is for the kids who are in gifted programs, but getting a high school diploma won't get them a job because they can't problem-solve. This is for the kids who engage in socially inappropriate behaviors at school and get punished instead of taught. This is for the kids who don't get social feedback at school and become 'that kid'. This is for the kids who are bored and don't like school. This is for the kids who are homeschooled and missing out on social opportunities that are appropriate for them. This is for the kids who thrive at Starfish, but crash at school. This is for the kids who get tired of hearing mom and dad talk about hygiene and chores and homework, but will do it with someone who isn't mom or dad. This is for the kids who eat lunch alone. This is for the kids who are included for the sake of inclusion, but aren't really learning. This is for OUR kids.


This is a private school, meaning no STAAR tests, no graduation requirements, no requirements for the amount of time spent on each subject, etc. It also means it is tuition-based. Tuition is $1000 per month for full day students and $650 per month for afternoon-only students. This is comparable to or less than other local programs with a similar ratio.

New students must attend an initial appointment to register. Please use the calendar below to schedule an initial appointment for a new student. In order to protect the integrity of our classes and provide an emotionally safe environment for our students, we do not offer tours or allow visitors to observe our classes. The initial appointment consists of an interview with the parent(s) and student and an opportunity to discuss our programs. 

Schedule an initial appointment to learn more about how we can help your student academically, socially, and so much more!