Imagine your child playing games with friends without getting upset. Or your teen having conversations with peers about a variety of topics instead of just their interests. Or schedule changes that are handled with minor difficulty. 

Imagine the impact that would have on their friendships. On their relationships with you and their siblings. On their future employment possibilities. On their general quality of life!

If you have an amazing child or teen in your life who struggles with flexible thinking, this is for YOU!

My son is resistant to any new activity. It throws his anxiety into high gear. At Starfish, even when he feels tired or “done,” he is able to use problem solving skills and work with his teachers and Stephanie to work through his feelings. He also struggled with using inappropriate language (cursing) and at Starfish he has gained some perspective into how using those words makes other people feel. This has been a lot more effective than us trying to curb the use at home. Most importantly he is starting to gain confidence around peers, interact more appropriately (rather than engaging in attention seeking behavior from the start) and make friends. He continues to work on patience with others, emotional regulation and perspective taking skills. In general, he's a happier kid! He has social needs and those needs are being met and supported during his time at Starfish. We have been able to phase out ABA in part because Starfish provides him the safe, fun and stable environment to put those hard practiced skills into use with his peers. His growth this year has been tremendous and he continues to surprise us. Not only does Starfish give him the opportunity to practice his skills in real-time, they also encourage him to go a little farther than we probably would! They hold him accountable which makes him feel more like a “normal” kid rather than someone always needing special treatment. They see his potential and his strengths and work to bring those out.

-Jenny, parent of a 7th grader

Maybe they have a diagnosis of autism or ADHD. Or maybe they don't, but man are they struggling! Especially in the area of peer relationships!

Flexible thinking is an abstract concept, and abstract concepts can be difficult to teach. As someone who has taught hundreds of students how to be more flexible thinkers, I know firsthand how challenging it can be!

Before finding Starfish, I was very concerned and frustrated with previous interventions, feeling like no one understood my child and what to do to help her. For the first year I kept waiting for Stephanie to say that my daughter would not be able to continue with Starfish because of her behavior and lack of progress. This has been the case with
other social skills therapies and ABA that she has been in. It was like waiting for the
other shoe to drop. 

My daughter has made 
and continues to make significant progress at Starfish. I feel like my parenting has improved as well, particularly in how I approach conversations with her. I find myself thinking, 'What would Stephanie do?" It has been a welcomed relief honestly. I see that Starfish’s simple and effective approach is exactly what she needs and it is a beautiful feeling to see that she has a tribe there and somewhere
where she feels a sense of belonging. I am SO happy with her progress. It is the most growth I have seen than with any other therapies she has had in the past.

Stephanie has opened my eyes to my child. I feel like I understand her so much better. As a teacher and a special-needs mom I have been to countless workshops and 
trainings on autism. However, observing Stephanie and watching her work her magic with my daughter and other kids, I feel like my whole approach to talking to children has forever shifted. Just by using Stephanie's simple questions asked in a curious fashion as well as other simple additions has been so impactful for me, my family, and my 
students. I am forever grateful to have met Stephanie.

-Dawn, parent of a 10th grader

  • What if I provided activities that I specifically design AND USE with students every day to increase their flexibility?
  • What if it came with LIVE support from me?
  • What if it included a group of other parents and teachers who were all working toward THE SAME GOAL? (You know you aren't alone, right?)
  • What if I turned students into flexible thinking TEACHERS??

If you are ready to help your child or teen become a more flexible thinker and improve their peer relationships, Flexible Thinksgiving Fest is for you! It's a week of fun family activities, community engagement, live support, and the beginning of a more flexible future for your child!

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